Questions and answers

Here you will find all your questions and answers around our transfer services

How can I book a transfer?

If you require a single ride or a city transfer you may book with your credit card. For special request you can reach us via Email.

Where will I be picked up?

If you arrive at the Airport please resort from your arrival terminal (1 or 2) to the „Meeting Point“. Your driver will wait for you there with a sign with your name. If you arrive at the central station your driver will pick you up at the DB „Reise Zentrum“.

What if I cannot find the driver?

Should you not find the driver please call the number +4917663626436. Important: for a smooth communication your phone should be activated for calls in Germany. You should check on that before traveling.

Do I need to come outside immediately when my name is announced?

Not at all. This is just a service from our part. As soon as your name is announced pay attention to the meeting point announced. Your driver will wait for you there with a sign with your name on it.

What will I do in case of delays of the train or the plane?

This is no problem. We are monitoring your arrival times online. We will stay informed about your actual arrival time in Hamburg and wait for you on time.

I have booked a transfer but not yet received a confirmation. What do I need to do?

In this case a small not via WhatsApp or Email is sufficient. If you have an existing booking we will get back to you immediately. Should you not have a booking yet please go through the booking process again.

I have booked a transfer but the reason of traveling has been cancelled. Is there a cancellation fee?

Should you cancel 36 hours before there are no charges. Should you cancel less than 36 hours before the entire amount of the booking is due. This payment is necessary for the loss of sales since the reserved vehicle is not available for different orders anymore.

Can I book my road back already?

You may already book all tours before your arrival.

Do you have female drivers?

We have few female drivers available. Please send your request at least 7 days in advance

Can I book a transfer spontaneously within 24 hours?

Please contact us via Email. As soon as you have a confirmation via email you can book with your credit card

Are you providing transfer services for wheelchair drivers?

We do! Your request should be made 7 days prior to your arrival.

Do you have licensed baby and children seats?

Please tell us the age and weight of your child in advance so we can arrange the required seat.

Is a booking only possible with a credit card?

May I pay in cash? Unfortunately not. Due to our payment policies all payment has to be done via credit card. A cash payment upon arrival is therefore not possible.

Am I insured during the ride?

Within the scope of the Passenger Transportation Act our passengers are insured.

I did forget my luggage in the vehicle. What will I do?

Should you notice within 5 minutes the driver will turn around free of charge. Should you notice later the vehicle will come to you fee required. Upon request the luggage can be sent via mail service as well.

We have oversized luggage. Do I need to inform you?

Yes please. Should you bring your golf equipment or more than one piece of luggage per person you need to absolutely inform us in written in advance. Our bookings are calculated with one piece of luggage and one hand luggage per person as in the airplane. Should you have more luggage please inform us. We can not guarantee for any non announced luggage.

Do you have any drivers with English or Turkish speaking drivers?

Please note your language request in the booking and we will do our best to provide you with a driver for the perfect communication

Do you provide invoices?

We provide an invoice with the required company details in PDF format to your Email address. Invoices via electronic mail are valid.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

All our vehicles are non smoking. Smoking is not permitted according to the Passenger Transportation Act

Do you transport pets in your vehicles?

It is possible to transport pets as cats and dogs if they are in the corresponding pet carriers.

Will the driver help us with our luggage?

Upon your arrival the driver will take at least one piece of luggage and bring it to the vehicle. For bus transports the driver will store you luggage in a safe and appropriate in the luggage compartment. We do not provide any porter service at the baggage counter though. Should you require such services please tell us in advance e.g. for seniors. We are able to offer extra services. These services are not free of charge.

Do you offer city tours as well?

We offer Hamburg tours of minimum 3 hours. Please make your request as early as possible. We will take care of the organization of the vehicle, the driver and the guide.

Do you offer VIP Services?

Please provide us with your special requests concerning special types or brands of vehicles. We will arrange this for you. We ask you to give us detailed information about your request of vehicle and type of service required via email.